Our Mission

Since 2010, The Daily Caller has grown immensely. We're in the halls of Congress. We're in the Oval Office. And we're in up to 20 million homes every single month. That's 20 million Americans like you who are impossible to ignore. 

Yet, as we continue to fight the good fight, we have realized we cannot battle the political and corporate powers aligned against us alone. It is for that very real reason that we created our Daily Caller Patriots subscription, and it is for that same reason that we need to continue thinking of ways to grow — lest we be outspent and overwhelmed by the liberal media, our message and reporting lost among dozens of the anti-American publications that dominate the conversation. 

The Daily Caller has pledged to fight for you — our readers. In light of that fight and the fact that we know our readers hate advertisements, we created the Daily Caller Merchandise Store as a way for readers to show their support and help us reduce our dependency on advertisements. We wanted to give something physical and tangible to our readers in exchange for their support, but beyond the financials of selling merchandise, we aspire to the much bigger goal of building a brand that stands up to our ideals.

For that reason, all of our products on the Daily Caller Merchandise Store are printed and produced with care in either Greensburg, PA, or Henderson, NV! Even though this may mean higher costs for us as a merchandise retailer as opposed to printing or shipping from overseas, we felt it was essential to our mission to support American businesses and communities, and that American made products are made with unmatched quality. 

As we launch the Daily Caller Merchandise Store, we will only start with a few products that we feel confident our readers will love, but as time goes on, we plan to expand our offerings and styles to help readers rep our brand and look cool while doing it. 

While our one and only mission remains saving America from the corporate and political forces that would do her harm, we simply can not do that without the support of readers. Welcome us into your lives, and we'll welcome you into ours.


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